Ideal for Corporate Security/HR/Threat Management Teams and School Administrators


Threat management is to aggressively defend against active threats. In the world of physical threat management, this means to defend against perceived or reported threats which can be conducted by law enforcement, security professionals, human resources, business units, education administrators, or concerned relevant parties. It is the process by which a concern from a threat initiates, develops and tracks, mitigates, and/or continued monitoring occurs. 


Organizations who successfully adopt and implement a threat management framework benefit from lower risk and faster mitigating actions, along with consistent investigations and a quicker response to these concerns. Compliance and government regulations require employers to keep employees safe while performing their work functions. Our program will meet your current and future compliance needs as it relates to security and threat management.   


Incursus provides a multi-functional computer software and app that walks professionals through the entire case cycles from reporting and receiving threat information, conducting assessments with walk-through guide, to auto-generated reports discussing concerns and what to follow up on. We remove the burden of remembering a consistent process while allowing professional freedom to think outside the box to solve their case. Update each new event and show trail of progression

*Threat Assessments/Management and Security Consulting services are provided to all who subscribe to the Threat Management software for an additional fee.