Start Up

What YOU do
Entrepreneurs have 1 million things to worry about getting their business off the ground, overseeing projects, solving problems, hiring great talent, creating the best content for their market group, and trying to keep investors happy. Let someone else worry about the safety and security of your employees while you keep control of the process and budget by utilizing technology and outsourcing to experts on an as needed basis. 
why YOU need this
Even though entrepreneurs are busy, employee safety and security should be paramount regardless of headcount or revenue. If organizations hire or terminate employees, lease or own real estate facilities, require compliance audits, travel, interact with the public or other vendors they need some level of security and threat management. Most organizations know it’s important, just do not like paying for it until they need it. 
how we HELP YOU
We have propriety software platforms with multiple security and threat management functions to fit all size organizations, from the 10-employee startup to the 10,000-employee explosive growth organization. Incursus gives you the tools necessary to get your security program off the ground or assist in the growth of an existing department. If concerns escalate past the capability of our software, we have board-certified experts on staff available for further consultation.