Educational Institutions

What YOU do
Education administrators have a large array of job duties and functions, to include managing programs, teachers, and student behavior. The age range of teenage years to young adults pose a great deal of concern with mood swings and erratic behavior. The turn of the 21st century threw new hurdles for keeping your students safe, with the onset of mass attacks in public spaces such as schools. 
why YOU need this
For long and short-term safety and security solutions your school needs to understand the impact of students returning to class after isolation from COVID as well as the ongoing threats of targeted attacks in schools and everyday violence. Most, if not all these incidents could be prevented with the proper notification, case assessment tools, an effective management process and evaluations measures. 
how we HELP YOU
Incursus provides an easy way for students or parents to report concerns to school administrators in an anonymous or overt manner. We provide basic principles of practice, guidelines, and resources for support groups. In additional to managing threats, we also provide a platform for you school to stay compliant with required security response training for your teachers, as well as board certified experts to support any escalated security needs.