Corporate Security and Human Resources 

What YOU do
Leaders of corporate departments such a security, human resources, or internal threat management teams are faced with challenges daily. Not only are they faced with unique concerns and evolving threats, but also understanding human intention and government regulations. With such a wide scope of variables most of these business units go understaffed and without the resources necessary to successfully accomplish their objectives and remain compliant. 
why YOU need this
Incursus solves the budget concern, for those organizations that need additional headcount without the cost of adding to your team. Our programs are catered towards small and growing business units that seek to maintain consistency throughout their processes, comply with government regulations and most importantly mitigate threats and security related concerns before they actualize. Integrating software into your business unit is the most effective way to maximize effort and keep company culture intact. 
how we HELP YOU
At Incursus, we make your corporate business unit more efficient by guiding your process from beginning to end, receive and manage concerns, streamline intelligence, and track progression or de-escalation of threat or security related matters. We utilize technology and industry leading experts to provide accurate and timely information that navigate principles and processes through simple to use check lists and guidelines.