Private Security and Investigations 

What YOU do
Private security and investigations are essential to ensuring the security and safety of persons and property, as well as intellectual property and sensitive information. The industry is highly regulated, requiring licensure and insurance. Private security and investigators are involved in a myriad of cases from insurance fraud, embezzlement, workplace violence threats, response to manmade or natural catastrophes, robbery suppression and executive protection.  
why YOU need this
Time is always of the essence. Most security or investigation firms either have narrow margins or have each team member doing the work of two (plus) to stay efficient and keep rates competitive in the market. Incursus gives these organizations an advantage by streamlining efficiencies in communication, case tracking for employee and clients, and government compliance. 
how we HELP YOU
Keep all your security and threat management needs in one software program; you can track cases, pay employee timecards, and communicate with vendors. We provide a company user app to oversee all processes, employee app to track mileage and expenses, and a client app so they can be up to date with all intelligence regarding their cases.