Private Security and Investigations

How many programs do you use to manage your company? Are you as profitable and efficient as you would like? A few key differences separate profitable and non-profitable companies, primarily the administration and management of a company’s operations and finances. We provide one resource to manage your cases, clients, employees and finances. In one location you can track cases, employee pay (mileage, expenses and hours), share intelligence to clients so they can have direct access to vital info (onsite, cases, status, etc.) and the ability to invoice directly from your case profile.

Corporate Security and Human Resources

Understaffed internal team? No budget to increase headcount in Security or Human Resources? We have the solution for your problem. Our program is dedicated to filling the missing components of your Corporate Security and Human Resources departments. We provide a platform to manage investigations/cases, assess threats, provide guidance on written policies and compliance training on our Learning Management System.

Educational Institutions

Are you looking for a solution to mitigate concerns with removing law enforcement and resources from your school? Perhaps you have a program but need assistance in showing its effectiveness. We provide a one stop security compliance program for you institution, including a portal for students and parents to report threats, administration portal to assess, track and respond to threats, as well as a Learning Management System to educate teachers and staff on security best practices.